Why Sprintax TDS Canada?

Single solution for all your non-resident tax compliance. Because accounting doesn’t need to be complicated!

Tax determination software

Sprintax TDS Canada has been developed to ensure that international students, scholars and non-resident employees are taxed correctly on income earned in Canada, so that the correct amount of tax is withheld and reported to the CRA.

We use innovative tools to calculate tax withholding for international students and non-resident employees, determine whether they are entitled to any tax treaties or deductions and confirm their eligibility for tax credits. We also provide users with every relevant tax form required.

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Calculates tax withholding

Sprintax TDS Canada will calculate income tax withholding for students and determine whether they are eligible for any tax treaties or deduction.

Determine residency icon

Determines tax residency status

International students are typically considered to be a ‘resident’, ‘non-resident’ or ‘deemed resident’ for tax purposes. Meanwhile, most working holidaymakers in Canada are considered to be non-residents. Sprintax TDS Canada easily determines tax residency status for users, based on their residential ties in Canada.

ITN section icon

Individual Tax Number (ITN) Section – Form T1261

Ability to request TDS Canada to prepare a T1261 form.

TD1 and TP-1015.3-V forms icon

Federal TD1, Provincial TD1 and TP-1015.3-V forms

Sprintax TDS Canada will provide the foreign nationals with the applicable tax forms such as TD1 for federal and provincial credits and TP-1015.3-V for Quebec.

Generate T4A and T4A-NR Forms icon

Generates T4A and T4A-NR Forms

Form T4A or form T4A-NR according the individual’s residency status will be automatically generated, converted to PDF and distributed in the system.

No software installs necessary icon

No software installs necessary

Sprintax TDS Canada is a cloud based product. You can log into your TDS account from anywhere at any time!

Dynamic, adaptive, dependable and trusted system

We’be partnered with over 450 schools and universities in the US

Documenting and withholding on payments to non-resident students and employees has always been an important area for the educational institutions in Canada.

Sprintax Canada developed Sprintax Tax Determination System (TDS).

It’s time to delegate tasks, free up precious time and resources for your international office staff and ensure your non-resident students and employees are fully compliant with the CRA.

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Sprintax non-resident tax return preparation

We prepare over 120,000 non-resident аnd emigrant tax returns every year!

Cut out the paperwork!

Sprintax Canada can prepare your non-resident tax return, check for residency status, assist with ITN application preparation and more. If you’re a non-resident student or employee in Canada, then Sprintax Canada is for you!

Sprintax Canada can help with:

  • Residency determination
  • Tax withholding calculation
  • T1 Income tax return preparation
  • Tax treaty determination
  • Quebec income tax return
  • ITN application
  • Federal and Provincial TD1 Form preparation
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Trusted by many universities and organizations

Here's what our clients have to say

Joseph Frake

Associate Director for International Students

Trusted partner - Pacific University Oregon logo

Our students find the interface user friendly with clear instructions. The costs are affordable compared to the investment of providing our own counselling.

Sarah Reed

Office of International Students

Trusted partner - Oregon State University logo

Sprintax staff are incredibly responsive and provide excellent resources for helping international students and scholars file their taxes.

Katelyn Eisenhooth

Assistant Director International Programs

Trusted partner - Valparaiso University logo

Sprintax makes doing taxes with students & scholars less taxing (pun fully-intended). As a one-person office, being able to connect with the Sprintax staff to have them help a student directly is essential. Their commitment to timeliness, customer service, & dedication to excellence is second to none.

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