Automation and integration is center to our service mission.

That’s why we work hand-in-hand with our partners to better understand their need

We understand that our partners rely on a wide range of products and services in the day-to-day management of employee records, processing payroll and making once-off grant and award payments.

We also understand the challenge of data migration, so to help streamline the process from the end user perspective, our API can pull information from, and send data back to, your other systems.

Your existing systems can exchange information with TDS using either an XML integration, or RESTful API (JSON format). Web Single Sign-On capability is provided through Shibboleth, and you can use either your existing Identity Provider, or one hosted with us.

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Integration using API

Integration using API

The REST API is the standard, secure method form information exchange with Sprintax TDS Canada. By simply authenticating with the system and sending a request to the respective endpoint, you can create, read, update and deactivate records – it’s that easy!

Once you have signed an agreement to use Sprintax TDS Canada for your organization – we will provide you with an operational account. You can create a separate administrator role with privileges that allow data import and export using our API. You can then authenticate with the assigned API key, and send or receive information to and from the system. The admin account can be terminated, and API keys can be deactivated and regenerated on an as-needed basis from your account’s admin panel.

A current version of the technical documentation will be available upon authentication to the system.

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XML Integration

If XML is your preferred exchange format – Sprintax TDS Canada provides this option too. The implementation uses standard XML syntax, and you can create, read and manage either single or multiple records in one file.

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After your account is created – you can designate a user as an ‘administrator’ with the XML import role. Using the key that is automatically generated – you can authenticate with our server when sending the XML files. The rest is our business; the update of the records happens momentarily. You have complete control of the administrative account, and can regenerate the authentication key when you need to.

You will be supplied with a current XSD scheme, an example file and the endpoint upon contract signing.

how it works
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Integration on demand

Our software development team will work closely with you to provide any further technical integration required. The API will cover most situations, but if you need something different, we are happy to discuss it and work with the partners on your side to ensure a smooth process.

For more information regarding integration possibilities - please contact us

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